AEROSPACE Electrical Systems Expo Europe 2015

Exhibition for Onboard Electrical Systems / B2B Meetings / Conference
November 17 - 19, 2015, Exhibition Center Bremen/Germany


The AEROSPACE Electrical Systems Expo Europe is the dedicated expo and summit representing onboard electrical power in commercial and business aviation; military aircraft, rotary and spacecraft.

The expo brings together manufacturers, distributors, contractors, suppliers, engineers and technical leaders, throughout the entire electrical system supply chain, including those involved in battery and power systems manufacturing, power distribution and conversion, wire cable and harness, interconnect, electronics, box building, control assemblies, software, data acquisition and testing.

Let yourself be inspired, inform yourself about product innovations, latest developments and technologies and discover new possibilities and solutions.

Visit us at our booth in Hall 5 - Stand C70 and have a look at the aerospace projects with our ultra-long flexible printed circuit boards.

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Through the B2B meeting concept the talk time is well organized at our booth. Of course you can also reserve a time slot.

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We look forward to your visit!

Extract from our Aerospace Reference Projects:

Aerospace Aerospace  Aerospace  Aerospace 

ALPHASAT Project (2013)
Twist Capsule with
ultra-long flexible PCB for signal and power transition via rotary joints of two modules

UAV Electronics
Advanced power distribution PCBs using flex-rigid technology with 14 flexible layers for unmanned aerial vehicles

Mars (2016) -
Planet Drill
5 meter long FPC for power and signal transition and embedded temperature sensors

Satellite Data Backplane
Japanese satellite backplane for distribution of signals by
a 20 layer multilayer for the central data bus

Aerospace  Aerospace  Aerospace  Aerospace

ELECTRA (2018)
Counterforce-free antenna pointing system for full electric propulsion satellite programme

SolarOrbiter (2017)
Twist capsules used for solar array drive mechanisms (SADM) and other limited angle rotary joints

ISS (2004)
PCBs for two hard disc drives with selective thick copper structure (iceberg technique) for electronics cooling

Fuel Cell Sensing
Test boards for evaluation current densities and temperature distribution inside a fuel cells stack

Aerospace Aerospace Aerospace  Aerospace

Space Image Sensor
Split chip-on-board flex-rigid PCB used for connecting an image sensor chip for a space camera

Tanker Aircraft Module
Lighting unit of an vision system for refuelling aircrafts using bare-die high power LED components

CaSSIS (2016)
Twist capsules connecting camera swivel for an undisturbed signal transfer via three rotary joints

Stabilizing System
Heat simulation and manufacture of a power drive circuit for a satellite gyroskopic system

Aerospace References