Online Project Consultancy

Every developer knows the situation in the early stage of a project:

A multitude of requirements and parameters have to be considered and assessed. All basic conditions are often not defined in detail just yet and are accompanied by an "ambitious" timeline and a narrow budget. The effects of all these aspects on the overall system are hard to estimate or even partially concurrent.

This is where the new ANDUS service comes into play!

Use the ANDUS expert via online developer platform and simulate "live" the parameters that are of special importance to your project directly on the screen. Very easily, without downloading elaborate software and the learning curve of complicated calculation programs!

Make an appointment by e-mail or by phone. Once the online meeting date is due, please click on the requested button layout advice, thermal simulation or impedance simulation - TeamViewer meeting is started. Go to execute file and enter Meeting-ID disclosed by the ANDUS expert. Now simply click on participate and you will be guided through the respective software tool.

Layout Advice Thermal Simulation Impedance Simulation

That increases your safety in the risk assessment of crucial project parameters and reduces unnecessary loops until the "right" solution is found.