StartUp: Hardware, Printed Circuit Boards & Co


That ANDUS has its headquarters in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg is no accident. Already in 1969 this area was the center for young creative people who realized their dreams and founded innovative companies.

Today the worldwide networking offers space for new ideas. Often, new apps and software applications have priority. Increasingly behind a project is a particular hardware, that has to be implemented e. g. for the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0.

Do you have innovative ideas for new products in electronics and are looking for a partner who makes these ideas a reality?

Here at ANDUS, we provide you with advice and support in all things PCB:

   ▲  Printed circuit board design
   ▲  Construction of prototypes
   ▲  Supply of the electronic assembly
   ▲  Thermal simulation
   ▲  Transfer into series production


We can also help you in terms of possible vulnerabilities and critical details in hardware development.

Of course, your documents are safe with us; non disclosure agreements are a matter of course for us as a serious family-run firm.