Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Flexible printed circuit boards are ideal for handling complex geometric tasks and offer great designing freedom for everyday engineering. Low space requirement, low weight and reduced system costs through the use of fewer cables and plug-in connectors in device assembly are only some of the advantages of flexible circuit boards.

For three decades, ANDUS has developed special know-how in the flex area in a variety of research projects and made it ready for series production for sophisticated industrial projects. PCBs of ANDUS you can found in all industries with a wide range of applications, for example as flexible heating foils for chuck heaters in the semiconductor manufacturing, as miniature connectors in precision balances or as flexible LED-substrates for the individual automotive equipment, to call just three of the many areas of applications.

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards Chuck Heaters / Wafer Heating Foils Micro Flex Heatsink Flex Flexible Multilayer

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