Impedance & High Frequency Printed Circuit Boards

The increasing complexity of electrical components and circuitry and the strongly growing data traffic lead to higher transmission rates. For many years, ANDUS has been among the specialists in the field of controlled impedance circuit boards. The goal of signal processing in impedance and high-frequency circuit boards is the integrity of the signals starting at approx. 300 MHz. In this frequency range the circuit board itself becomes a component: Conductor paths work like capacities and inductivities that influence the signal dispersion behaviour. The correct geometrical configuration creates the matching impedance and ensures error-free signal transmission.

With our new online developer platform, you optimise all essential parameters together with our experts. From conductor path geometry and the influences of the electronic components all the way to the selection of correct material for the matching substrates incl. the heat management of the module.

Impedance Printed Circuit Boards Impedance Flex Sandwich Multilayer Radio Frequency / High Frequency Printed Circuit Boards

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