Power Printed Circuit Boards

From our Thermo Seminars, we know that intelligent cooling is becoming an ever more essential requirement, especially in the use of performance electronics for circuit board design.
Drivers of development are electro-mobility, propulsion technology, wind power, and railway technology.

Typical applications are found in B6-bridge circuits and BLDC electric motors, everywhere in the forward-looking 48V supply systems, and in power inverters with IGBTs.

In order for our customers to keep a "cool" head in the printed circuit board technology jungle at currents into the kilo-ampere range, we have developed a B6-tech configurator.
By entering just a few parameters, it provides concrete outputs regarding the maximum temperature of the component, and it can provide the simplest selection of the most cost-effective production method.

Other current megatrends include intelligent battery management in electric and hybrid vehicles and the cooling of LEDs in sophisticated lighting technology, i. a. with the innovative ANDUS ZeroGap technology.

And we round out the ANDUS power portfolio with a matching high-current connector for problem-free connections.

Take advantage of our ANDUS experts and create simulations using the latest software on our thermal online developer platform, which allows you to see tangible temperatures in a layout using provided components. This is the way to safely optimize your circuit boards for your application!

B6-Bridge Circuits Battery Management LED-Lighting Technology High Current Connector (only in German version)

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