Cool Electronics?

Electronic assemblies are getting smaller and smaller and the use of components with SMD design leads to considerable power dissipation with an accordingly high heat generation. Heat dissipation via heatsink is out of the question because of limited space and high costs. On the other hand, the reliability and service life of the module crucially depends on how close components get to the critical temperature range during operation.

How to cool the electronics then?

Intelligent heat management is one of the core competencies at ANDUS and already starts during the layout of the circuit board and the use of the latest simulation software. It allows highly realistic virtual imaging of the essential electronics components and their thermal effects on the entire module without running elaborate and expensive series of tests with "real" components.

The simulation is used to develop the technologically and economically customised power circuit board for your requirement.

Use our online developer platform and simulate the heat management of your definite project together with the ANDUS experts.

thermal simulation