ANDUS-History ~ Over 45 years PCBs from Berlin-Kreuzberg

 2015  2014
Managing Director Lutz Treutler Principle of IMS PCBs PureGold Surface (simplified diagram)
Matthias Cordes takes a new task in another company.

Lutz Treutler is managing director again.
ANDUS developed its own IMS PCB material "ZeroGap" to cool small high-power LEDs at high ambient temperatures. ANDUS qualified a new PureGold surface for conductor paths and pads, that must withstand corrosive environments and where the surrounding media must not be contaminated with metal ions.

ANDUS Website 2013 Long Flex Managing Director Matthias Cordes
The ANDUS website goes online with a new link structure and navigation as well as a new developer platform. ANDUS qualified a manufacturing process for ultra-long flexible printed circuit boards up to 5 m length for aerospace applications. Matthias Cordes is additional managing director.
 2012   2010 2009 
Thermal Simulation X-Cool Technology 5 mm PCB new Etching Line
ANDUS invested in a thermal simulation software TRM from 
ADAM Research.
Introduction of a new plasma process for high-frequency printed circuit boards.
ANDUS takes a wastewater treatment plant of the latest ecological standards in operation.
ANDUS qualified inlay boards in 
X-Cool technology.
The Electroless Nickel/
Immersion Gold (ENIG) plant is released.
The ANDUS technology CD goes online.
ANDUS is A-supplier by a airplane outfitter.
The product range will be expanded to backplanes and other PCBs to 5 mm thickness.
A new alkaline etching line is put into operation.
ANDUS passes the quality audit of the new ISO 9001:2008 standard.
copper filled Microvias LDI Process ANDUS Website 2008 AOI  
ANDUS qualified a new process for copper filled microvias. With the introduction of LDI process ANDUS joins the 2mil technology. The ANDUS website goes online with a new design. ANDUS invests in a new
high-resolution AOI device.
Due to increased technology consulting services, ANDUS changes to direct distribution.
2004 2002  2001 2000
    Impedance Meter  
The new DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate replaces earlier versions. Intensive research into thermal management is begun. An impedance meter for recorded impedances is taken into operation. ANDUS increases its investment in flex and rigid-flex technology.
An 8-layer flex is delivered.
1996 1995 1993 1992 1983
  ISO Certificate first Microvia Iceberg Technology  
ANDUS goes online.
Installation of an additional laser plotter.
First production of multilayer with 24 layers.
ANDUS obtains the DIN EN ISO 9002:1994 certificate. The first microvia is produced, at that time still using photovia technology. First order using iceberg technology. The first rigid-flex PCB is delivered.
1982  1980   1979  1978 1974
ANDUS obtains UL approval for a first type of PCB. A connection via modem is available to transfer PCB data, even if there is hardly any customer at that time who is able to use this equipment. The first laser plotter for photo masks is taken into operation. The first multilayer PCB is produced. The first issue of the information flyer INFORMANDUS is published.
1972 1969
first Geagraf Model by AEG Red/Blue Technology Adhesive Technology Philosophy Founders
ANDUS installed the first Geagraf model by AEG worldwide. With the help of this punch tape technology, masters are digitalised manually. The number of employees increases steadily.
Use of blue/red technology for double-sided printed boards: generation of the films from a multi-coloured master using colour filters.
Single-sided and double-sided printed boards with photo masters using adhesive technology and drill templates define the initial technology. Right from the beginning, it is ANDUS philosophy to manufacture high-quality prototypes using all available technologies.
ANDUS introduces the express system.
Klaus Czycholl (right) founded with Lutz Treutler (left) in Berlin the PCB manufacturer, which is ANDUS later. First printed circuit boards are produced with self-made and very simple equipment.